WHERE IS THE LOVE (Muslim Cover) Ft. Omar Esa, Muslim Belal, Talk Islam, Essam

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In honour of all those around the world suffering we thought it would be a good idea to all come together and redo “Where is the love” from a Muslim perspective.

Whether they be in Christchurch, Mali, Syria, Burma, China or anywhere else around the world – we hope this sends a message that Muslims will always stand by your side to defeat hatred and spread love.

The Nasheed was inspired by the narration of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, “You will not enter Paradise until you believe and you will not believe until you love each other. Shall I show you something that, if you did, you would love each other? Spread peace between yourselves.”
(Sahih Muslim)

Video produced by OnePath Network.

Special thanks to all those involved.

Cutaways of Syrian Refugees were kindly supplied from the short film Refuge by Matthew K. Firpo.

The original chorus and melody belong to the Black Eyed Peas.

Cutaway featured from Human Appeal UK.

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