Man Goes Viral for Dating/Impregnating Twin Sisters, One Month Apart. Praise or Shame?

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A man from Compton (USA) was/is dating twin sisters pregnant both of them within a month of one another has gone viral.

The Shade Room broke the story of a personal trainer named Keonyae meeting twin sisters Nia and Nydia while working at his gym.

He started dating one of the twins and then started talking to the other one, and Nia got pregnant first, followed by Nydia a month later.

Keonyae spoke to The Shade Room, revealing that he has been in a “throuple” with the twins for “a while now.” He shared a photo of the three of them on Instagram, which was captioned, “I bet ima the only n***a y’all know wit twin baby mommas and both cool wit it #goat I need a show blood.”

Should Keonyae get his own show? should he be praised or shamed? or are the twin sisters just nasty?

Let’s just hope he keeps up with child support.