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Welcome to Trill V, your platform to showcase your videos. Trill V welcomes various artists aboard to promote their talent to the wider audience and on the global platform.

Trill V targets the ‘next generation African community’ as its main clientele. Therefore we are here to highlight popular African culture. Despite this we encourage all peoples to send their videos as we believe new generation Africans are not only from the motherland, but exist globally in Europe, the America’s, the Asia’s and in fact most of the worlds continents. Trill V target the latest videos in;

  1. Music
  2. Comedy
  3. News
  4. Sports

Although music and comedy are the main video streams, Trill V also updates viewers of the latest news and sports videos. Please go to upload to request your video to be added and we will endeavour to follow up on your post.

For the week’s hot topic Trill V also have a discussion forum. Here our users may start a discussion on anything with is relevant in the world at the time or anything intriguing they want to discuss, the website welcomes different opinions and constructive debates. (Trill V is strict on foul and abusive language exchanged between our users).

Trill V shall also have advertising space on various pages which Clients can promote their up and coming events by advertising from.

Whether you are contributing or staying up to date on what is going on in the culture stay tuned in to Trill V.