Paigey Cakey – Hot Tings

Published on January 22, 2019 by


Everybody tryna ride my wave like Noah
Saying we’re related when I ain’t even Noah Snakes in the grass so I had to use the moah
I was a dead ting then I glow up
I was with yellows in the Benz
Never really got time to say hello to my friends When I’m visiting my mum uno I be in the ends Everyday Swagga fresh c’mon I’ll be setting trends I been about this ting since I was like 18
I just hit my 20’s but I look like a baby
I barely have time to fit gym in my regime
Getting a big belly but it don’t faze me
Oh it’s all gravy coz I’m on top
Had to take some time off now I’m back on job
I got my mojo back like it was never lost
I’m still Colgate fresh everyday I floss


Mummy never gave me no money only thing I could afford was chips and a hot wing
Grew up in the ends with the friends everybody glowed up now I’m chillin with the hot tings That girl there that’s my off Spring
Everyday money money hustlin
Grew up in the ends with the friends everybody glowed up now I’m chilli with the hot tings


I’m the shiznieeee
You know I bring the milkshake like she’s Kelis
And yeah I got a couple boys from the east to east They all wanna get a slice of my pizza piece
Woah! Flow flames I’m super lit
I’m super sick I’m cold I’m immune to it
I’m used to it so I gotta Google it
Just bought a whip so I ain’t gotta uber it
They know I’m litty I’m real lit
I only roll around with a bad bitch
Gold on my wrist stunning is a habit
Couple carrots in my mouth I should be a rabbit
I been on the move like I’m looking for housing
Took a few flights came back like a browning
Chilling with the clique doing shopping and browsing I came a long way from my pocket allowance