Cabo Snoop Ft Olamide- AWAA

Published on January 22, 2019 by


If u leave me nothing go dey
If u leave me nothing go dey
Baby don’t leave me go obodo oyinbo
Coz if u leave I no fit stay
No leave today
I say no leave today oh
Because I no fit wait
Without I no fit stay oh
Boogie down girl “Awwa”
Oh baby girl boogie yeah “awaa”
I say boogie down girl “awaaa”

Oh my baby girl you are my only one
O want see you everyday 2X
Baby i love you love you
And I know u love me love me
Baby I love love you love you
You are my love for life
Baby girl I want to you stay
Coz I need u in my life
Don’t you don’t go a way

Letra/Letter SWAZZi
Instrumental/Beat FEMKEYZ
Masterização/Mastering SWAPS
Guitarra/Guitar FIOKE